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Awareness of rent to buy in Scotland (also known as rent to own) has been increasing year by year. I remember ten years ago, people would look at me blankly when I mentioned it, but now more and more folks know what it is. 

More importantly, they're aware of the fantastic benefits that rent to buy can give aspiring homeowners, who are unable to get onto the housing ladder, through no fault of their own.

The problem though, has been that rent to buy homes have been pretty scarce, and are snapped up very quickly when they appear (no surprise!).

We hope to help solve that problem with our rent to buy homes alert service -- more on that below.

Rent to buy scheme

Get Rent to Buy property alerts...

Now and then, investors in our network make homes available for rent to buy. If you register via the form below,  we'll be able to introduce you to investors like these, if they have a home that closely fits the requirements you've given us.

You could be working towards owning your own home quicker than you think!

Benefits of rent to buy in Scotland...

The benefits of rent to buy are easy to understand: 

  1. You can get started owning your own home without a large deposit already saved up. You can often get into rent to buy homes with nothing more than a month's rent in advance. Although, you may be expected to put a bit more down, especially if there's competition for the home.
  2. You obviously don't have to qualify for a mortgage, at least not yet anyway. You can start moving towards owning your own home, even if you have bad credit or haven't been in the country very long. The idea is that you can work on repairing -- or building -- your credit while you rent and by the time you're ready to buy, you should be good to go.
  3. A portion of your rent every month will go towards buying your home, which makes saving up a deposit pretty painless. 
  4. You can treat your home as if it were your own, decorating it and upgrading it as you wish, confident in knowing that one day it will be yours.
  5. You're not pouring dead rent down the drain every month, paying off a landlord's mortgage, instead of saving up for your own.

Who is rent to own for?

Rent to buy obviously isn't for everyone, you need to be serious about owning your own home. But, if you are and you fall into one or more of these categories, then it could be for you:

  • You don't have much to put down as a deposit but you have a strong desire to own your own home.
  • You'd be diligent in paying your rent each month, knowing that it's going towards home ownership.
  • You may be new to the country and haven't had time to build up a credit rating yet.
  • You may have bad credit, but would like to move towards owning your own home while you work on repairing it

The "handyman special"...

Sometimes, an investor will make available for rent to buy, a home that is in "fixer upper" type condition. 

In these instances, they will usually credit you an amount towards your deposit in return for your doing the repairs (or having them done over the time that you're renting to buy).

This gives you the opportunity to stamp your own personality on the property right from the start!

Where are the homes located?

Rent to rent opportunities can potentially pop up anywhere, but we should soon have homes available in the following areas:

  • Glasgow
  • Paisley
  • Aberdeen
  • Kirkcaldy, Fife
  • North Lanarkshire
  • South Lanarkshire
  • Johnstone
  • And more...

Some opportunities will be semi-detached and cottage flats and some will be flats. Many folk will be looking to get into a house but do consider taking a flat to start with. Don't forget that once you get on the housing ladder with a flat, you can sell and buy a house!

Think rent to buy could be for you?

If so, then why wait? If you are interested in renting a home to own, register your interest in rent to buy in Scotland today.

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