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About Me

Hi there, I'm John.

Since 2003, I've been living the property dream.

I worked in IT in London for a good few years but around the turn of the millenium, jobs in that industry were becoming less secure and my company had started to outsource work to India. I realised that I no longer wanted a JOB (Just Over Broke), and yearned to become financially free.

One day an ad in the paper for a free property investment seminar caught my eye and I went along.

The guru's story of how he had built up a large portfolio truly inspired me... it was then that I decided that property was the route to financial independence I wanted to take.

But then I ran out of money!

I took a sabbatical from work, planning to pack in my job and return home to Glasgow to begin my property career. I was actually made redundant a few days before I had planned to hand in my notice. This wasn't pleasant but it worked to my advantage in the end as my severance pay added to my war chest.

I started slowly by purchasing a few low-value, high-yielding properties. But like many investors unaware of creative strategies, I found that my capital soon ran out.

The market was rising quickly at that time though so within a year or so, I was able to refinance and purchase a couple more properties but I still wasn't growing my business as fast as I wanted.

Managing my small portfolio wasn't taking up too much time so I took a part-time job with a local letting agent. This lasted a couple of years and then...

I lived like a king...

After going travelling in 2005 (during which time my small portfolio allowed me to live like a king in South America!) I got a job with another letting agency. My boss at that agency suggested that we go into business together and open a branch on the South Side of Glasgow.

After a while, my partner and I went our separate ways. Around about this time I learned about buying "no money down" -- or 100% financing of investment property -- at a networking event...

I was elated as this was exactly what I was looking for in order to really grow my portfolio! Needless to say, I went on a buying frenzy.

Wait a minute, I've got a job again!

Before I knew it I had two branches of my letting agency and several employees. But I also realised that -- even though I was working for myself -- I had a job again. I enjoyed various parts of running the business -- systems and marketing were really interesting to me -- but I didn't have any time to do much investing. Or socialise for that matter!

The business had taken over my life.

I decided it was time to get out, so sold up near the end of 2011 and now I am back full time doing what I love -- property deals!

Creative property investment saves the day

At the start of 2011, I took a creative creative property investment training and this now forms the basis for a lot of what I do.

Anyway, if you take one thing from this site I hope it's that investment property done in a considered, ethical way can be a great path to financial freedom. And lots of fun too! OK, that's two things, but you know what I mean...

I *love* hearing from you guys... no matter whether it's a question about something on the site or to let me know I made a mistake :)

Oh, and if there's an article or a resource that you'd like to see on the site, let me know and I'll do my best to provide it.

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Thanks to my good friend Tom Manley for supplying several images for the site (including the one on the home page). Tom has a business that provides architectural photography in Glasgow to house builders, architects and housing associations.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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