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Property Investment Articles

Welcome to our new series of property investment articles from UK property industry experts and investors ...

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"How often should you inspect your HMO?"

HMO Safe MD, Liam Bailey looks at the responsibilities of an HMO property manager and asks the question; "how often should you inspect your HMO?".

"Congratulations, you are the proud owner of your first, or perhaps your fifth or even more, House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)... The property looks fit for occupancy and a local letting agent has just found five students to share the property for you…what can possibly go wrong?"

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"5 Reasons Why Landlords Employ Estate Agents"

Estate agent Harry Chapman backs up what I have said before myself. My top reason for using a good agent to manage your properties is so that you're not bogged down working in the business so that you can concentrate working on the business.

"Managing a property takes a lot of co-ordination. After you've done the place up, or indeed built it from scratch, the small task of renting it out is the last thing left on the list. Signing the agreement, however, is not the last time you'll see or hear from your tenants."

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"7 Top Tips for Building a Super Profitable Portfolio"

Now regular guest writer Brett Smart makes a welcome return with 7 explosive property tips for building your letting portfolio. Get ready to take notes because this is solid, actionable advice!

"There are portfolios and then there are Portfolios

If you don't have a Portfolio which pretty much runs on auto-pilot, is low hassle and delivers returns in excess of 7% NET then you've probably got a portfolio."

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"Property investment in Lanzarote: the pros and cons"

Lanzarote estate agency MD Jonny Bailey takes a look at the pros and cons of property investment in Lanzarote. Did you know it was actually illegal to rent to holidaymakers?!

"Apparently there’s never been a better time to buy a property on Lanzarote – according to local estate agents.  But beyond the promotional hyperbole is that really the case?"

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"Three Landlord Basics That Could Come Back To Bite You"

Managing Director of buy to let property investment company Sequre, shares his thoughts on routine tasks buy to let landlords need to be especially mindful of.

"A buy to let investor of ours let out his own house and forgot to take a full inventory. When the tenants vacated 12 months later he realised that the carpets had been damaged and needed replacing and some of the wallpaper was torn."

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"The HMO Experience: frustrating and wastefully expensive!"

Retired university lecturer, not-so-retired business owner, amateur HMO investor and also my dad, Willie Wilson reminds us that although HMO can be very lucrative, it can also be a pain in the behind!

"I should point out at the outset that my HMO is in Aberdeen and thus subject to Scottish legislation, which differs a little from the English equivalent.  However, the regulations in both countries clearly aim to improve safety and, to a limited extent, quality of accommodation for those who rent a property as a group other than a family group."

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"Buy too early and sell too soon?"

Mark Benson, editor of, asks the question: "Why would a sensible investor buy too early and to sell too soon?"

"If we were to say to you that possibly the best piece of property investment advice you could ever receive would be to buy too early and to sell too soon you would probably think we were crazy."

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"Is boom and bust just a natural part of the property cycle?"

Mark Benson, editor of, investigates the various factors that affect property markets and what -- if anything -- can be done to control them.

"There are very few areas in the world which have not experienced boom and bust in their local property markets over the years and despite government attempts to control property investment, boom and bust scenarios continue to develop to this very day."

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"Cut Your Accounting Bill in The Cloud"

Jim Moore, an accountant of more than 30 years experience, talks about how cloud computing is allowing his clients to get more timely financial reporting and cut their accountancy bill into the bargain.

"I think owners of property related businesses are no different in recognising these benefits. To maximise business success in these challenging times the owner of a property related business must monitor carefully, on a regular basis, both profitability and cash flow."

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"The landlord who sat on a mortgage time bomb"

property investment articles

Brett Smart -- an investor and letting agency owner -- talks about a client of his who is sitting on a mortgage "time bomb".

"I was speaking to one of my clients, we'll call her Sally (name changed to protect the innocent)… ...and she was going crazy about Mortgage Express and their big bully tactics. Saying how she'd like to take them down a peg or two. What are they doing now, I wondered?"

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