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Property Interviews

In these property interviews we speak to successful property investors and gurus and find out how they got where they are and what advice they can give to the rest of us.

Multilet Interview: Iain English hits back at rent to rent critics

  In rent to rent, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch...

In this interview, multilet expert Iain English defends the rent to rent strategy and announces ambitious franchise plans.

Freddie Rayner at Rick Otton's Zero Debt Conference

property interviews

Rick Otton student Freddie Rayner tells how he went from cleaner to 8 deals in less than one year!

John: OK! So we're here at the backstage at the 2013 Rick Otton’s Zero Debt Property Cashflow Conference and with us is Freddie Rayner. Freddie came into property with quite a successful business background. I don’t know; were you doing property before you came to this business?

Freddie: No! I am a cleaner. I was running my cleaning business. So this was totally different and this was for me as opposed to for a business. That was the point of it, I wanted something for me.

John: OK, great! And how did your property business develop? How fast was it before you had your first deal after you came to Rick's course?

Freddie: I went on course like the one we are doing today and I knew I wanted to get into property. I knew I needed more information, so I decided to go to the Go Direct Course and that was held in London and that was in July. So it was July last year 2012 and that's when I made my mind up to go for it big time because it was really, really exciting and got all the info and then simply rushed out and did something. And that's what I think is necessary to do something, not sit back and learn everything. You learn every comma and "t" and try to learn how to spell stuff; just get out and do it; which I did and I’ve done 8 deals to date and that’s it July to date and I know that I will finish on 12 deals July to July. That’s 12 deals and each one makes money in the different way. 

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