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UK Affiliate Marketing Coach

A UK affiliate marketing coach seems to be quite a tall order as we seem to be quite thin on the ground.

I guess I fit the bill as I’m from the UK (Scotland), although I am now based on the other side of the pond in Texas.

You might be wondering what a post about a UK affiliate marketing coach is doing on a property Investment website.

Fair question.

UK Affiliate marketing coach

Well, you’ve landed on the site that I created in 2012, at the very start of my affiliate marketing career, in the UK real estate investing niche.

I had just built up a sizable property portfolio, and sold the property management company I’d built, and was looking for a new challenge.

Turned out it was pretty successful, and before long I was topping a few of the affiliate leaderboards in that niche.

Affiliate marketing mentor

What is affiliate marketing?

If you're landing on this page and you're not sure what affiliate marketing is, then here's a quick summary. If you know already, then you can skip to the next section. 

Affiliate marketing just means that you receive a commission for finding customers for products that you don't own. 

Amazon has an affiliate program for example. You can get a small percentage -- I think around 3% -- of each sale if someone buys something on the site through your affiliate link. 

That's obviously physical products, but I prefer to promote digital products -- courses and sometimes software -- that pay commissions of at least a 40% or 50% and sometimes even more.

Perfect for introverts

I developed a real passion for the affiliate marketing business. I think it appeals to me because I'm an introvert. The property business is really a "people" business, not a houses business. That's why I was a bit burned out after selling my property management business. 

Affiliate marketing allowed me to work from home and not talk to a soul all day if I didn't want to. I know that's not everyone's idea of fun, but at that moment in my life, that's exactly what I needed!

Other benefits

There are a bunch of other benefits of affiliate marketing too:

  • You don't have to create your own product
  • You can leverage awesome products that are selling already and that people want
  • No selling required: the product owner does all of that for you
  • You don't need any staff
  • There's no stock to hold
  • You don't have to do any customer service
  • There's little or no upfront investment required. 

Low barrier to entry

Many businesses have an entry requirement of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. But you can literally get started with affiliate marketing for zero investment.

There are a couple of software tools that you need: a funnel builder, and an email autoresponder. 

Paid versions of those will run you around $100 per month, or if you don't mind doing a little more setup, you can get free versions of those for $0. 

You will need to pay for the free version eventually -- when you get above a few hundred email subscribers. But you should be making some money by then, so not a problem.

If you're blogging, then you'll need a domain name and hosting, but those can be found pretty cheap too, as little as a few bucks a month. 

Choose the right traffic strategy

There are hundreds of different ways to generate traffic with affiliate marketing. I specialize in "free" traffic, and there are dozens of methods within the free traffic category.

All these methods can be a bit bewildering for a newcomer. That's why I developed a method of deciding on the best traffic strategy for your personality and other constraints. It's nothing fancy, but it's honestly something I've never seen anyone else train on. And that's a shame because choosing the wrong traffic strategy for your personality can spell the death of your marketing career before it has even begun. 

UK affiliate marketing coach

After mastering affiliate marketing, I went on to create a few digital products of my own too, and even a website building SAAS for property investors.

Now, after over ten years in the business, I offer affiliate marketing coaching to people all over the world who want to start or grow their business online.

I specialize in the high ticket affiliate marketing realm, as I believe that selling expensive products both helps your customers achieve a more meaningful transformation, and because $7 commissions ain’t gonna help you retire anytime soon!

So, if you need a friendly affiliate marketing coach, you can stroll on over to my site.

Affiliate marketing cheatsheet

3 Proven Steps To Quit Your 9-5 Job With High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Also, you can check out my free affiliate marketing cheat sheet entitled “The 3 Proven Steps To Quit Your 9-5 Job With High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing”.

In it, I cover -- from a 20,000 foot level -- the very basics of starting a high ticket affiliate marketing business. 

I also cover the benefits of affiliate marketing, and a bit about how to get started. 

You should check it out. I'd live to know what you think of it.

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