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We are your no 1 source for all types of UK deals, including:

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  • Portfolio deals, 
  • Development deals, 
  • Commercial deals, 
  • and Overseas property deals.

If you're new to the property game, then some of those may be new to you. If that's the case, don't worry, because in this article we'll talk you through the different deal types. 

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Okay, I said we'd cover the different types of deals, so without further ado, let's do that...

Property deals

BMV deals...

Many other types of property deals have emerged in the past decade or so but the BMV or "below market value" deal is perhaps the original. 

This old favourite is so named because it does what it says on the tin: it is available for purchase for an amount less than the fair market value. 

Market value is normally based on comparables, i.e. similar properties of the same spec that have sold recently in the same rough geographical area.

Discount for a BMV deal is usually anywhere from about 10% to 30%, although in some rare cases can be more.

A BMV deal will create some instant equity for you, and also generate some cashflow.

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HMO deals...

An HMO aka "house in multiple occupancy" refers to a property that is licensed to be let on a room by room basis.

These properties often have great cashflow but do require specialist management. 

HMO deals are often available BMV too.

Investing in serviced apartments UK

Rent to rent deals...

Rent to rent is a type of deal whereby an existing owner of a property -- usually a larger property or house -- agrees to rent it out on a long term contract to an investor, who then runs it as an HMO (see above).

The investor then rents out the rooms on an individual basis and makes a profit equal to the difference between the rent that they're paying the owner, and the tenants are paying them.

Gross cashflow on this type of deal is normally £1,000 and upwards. Obviously there's no equity potential here, as you don't own the property.

Rent to rent is hot right now, mostly down to the fact of not requiring a mortgage, the low investment to get into the deal, and obviously the high cashflow.

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Serviced accommodation deals...

Also known as SA deals, serviced accommodation deals are really a sub-type of rent to rent deals. They're more or less the same as rent to rent deals, except instead of renting the rooms long term on an individual basis, the renter will rent the whole property on a short term basis.

Whether one uses a property as vanilla rent to rent or SA is largely down to type, size and location of the property. If it's a large house in a university town then you're probably more likely to go down the rent to rent route. If it's a two bedroom apartment in a city centre then you'll almost certainly go for the serviced accommodation option.

As with rent to rent deals, the cashflow is typically pretty high, but these deals can be pretty management intensive. Again, there's no prospect of equity here, as you don't own the property.

SA deals can be hard to come by, but we do have access to quite a few of them, so get yourself onto our deals alert service via the form on this page to be sure you don't miss out.

Lease option deals...

Also known as LOC (lease option contract), deals his type of deal allows an investor to take control of a property -- or properties -- that they don't own. 

The option part gives you the option -- but not obligation -- to purchase the property within a certain timeframe (usually a number of years).

The lease part allows you to lease out the property and to earn cashflow from that, during the period of the option.

This type of deal is beneficial as you don't need a mortgage to get into it, and often much less capital is required than if you were to purchase in the conventional way.

Overseas property deals

Overseas deals...

This type of deal, as the name suggests, refers to properties overseas. Sometimes located in Spain, Portugal or even Eastern European countries like Croatia. These properties will often be holiday let serviced accommodation type prospects.

Commercial deals...

A commercial deal can take the shape of anything from a shop located under a flat to retail units, to office buildings that may be fit for conversion into residential dwellings.

Commercial deals can carry good equity rewards, and also be great from a cashflow perspective. Commercial tenancies are usually much more reliable and longer term than residential ones.

Portfolio deals...

A portfolio deal is where you are purchasing an entire portfolio of rental properties that someone else has built up.

This is the mac daddy of property deals, if you can pull it off. Funding is usually the stumbling block for this type of deal but if you can land that then this deal could set you up with income for life. 

These are usually available at a discount from market value, although perhaps not as heavily discounted as an individual property might be. It all depends on how motivated the seller is though.

Upon landing yourself a portfolio deal, you'll likely have some instant equity, and also a fair amount of cashflow, depending on the type and location of the properties in the portfolio.

One twist on a portfolio deal is where the portfolio may be available to purchase on a lease option. This might be done when there is not enough equity in the portfolio to facilitate a discount, or even a purchase at market value.

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Property deals UK

Development deals...

On second thoughts, maybe this type of deal is the mac daddy. Property development deals typically consist of a piece of land or a building that has been approved for planning permission for some kind of conversion or development project.

These can have GDVs (gross development values) of several million pounds, and profits of hundreds of thousand to several million.

We can point you towards some pretty innovative funding solutions for this type of deal too.

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