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You may have found your No 1 UK property deal sourcer for BMV, Rent to Rent, Lease Options, Serviced Accommodation, Portfolios and HMO deals...

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I don't expect you to want to do business with us right away.

Heck we only just met, and this internet can be a dingy old place...

So, let's start by taking a look at what kind of deals are you going to see in our deals alerts? Let's take a look...

Property deal sourcer

Below market value deals...

This "old faithful" deal is simply one where you're getting a discount on the purchase price versus the market value of the property.

Some people get skeptical about this type of deal, thinking "why would a seller give a discount when they can get the market value on the open market?".

Fair question, but having bought dozens of this type of deal personally, I know that sellers often don't have the luxury of time to wait to achieve the market value.

They prefer to sell quickly, and are prepared to give a discount to make that happen.

Rent to rent deals...

Almost unheard of ten years ago, this type of deal has been increasing in popularity steadily and enthusiasm has now perhaps reached fever pitch with investors.


Maybe it's because you don't need a mortgage?

Maybe it's because you don't have to put much cash down to get started?

Maybe it's because of the fearsome monthly cashflow they generate?

Maybe it's all of the above?

Lease option deals...

Lease option deals are pretty popular, due to much the same reasons as rent to rent deals.

With these, you can usually get in for relatively little cash down: sometimes as little as £1!

Again, you can usually profit from some decent monthly cashflow.

And, of course you don't need a mortgage as you're leveraging the underlying mortgage that the property owner already took out.

The main difference between this type of deal and rent to rent deals, is that, if you decide to exercise your option to buy during the option period, you can own this type of property.

And you can often benefit from a sizeable "back end" capital windfall, when you do that.

Serviced accommodation deals...

Serviced accommodation is another type of deal that has been burgeoning in popularity of late.

It's growth has pretty much come hand in hand with the AirBnB boom.

And really driven by the fantastic cashflow that can be generated from this type of rental unit.

A vanilla buy to let can often have its profitability boosted three-fold by a bit of a makeover and being re-marketed as serviced accommodation. 

I can tell you that from personal experience.

HMO deals...

HMO (house in multiple occupancy) deals, are popular mainly due to their ability to generate a very strong monthly cashflow.

They do require a rather larger upfront investment to get into though, because you have to finance a mortgage with a decent size deposit.

For this reason, they're popular with people who have good sized retirement pots that they want to convert into cashflow.

Portfolio deals...

Portfolio deals are a little more rare, however they do come along. 

Often available with instant equity, and usually some decent cashflow is to be had.

Again, popular as retirement vehicles, and a great way to leapfrog the years of toil usually involved in building up such an investment, and go straight to reaping the benefits. 

Property deal sourcer alerts...

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We look forward to serving you soon!

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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