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International Property Investing Articles

International Property Investing Articles

Welcome to volume two of our series of property investment articles from international property experts and investors ...

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"5 USA Investor Hotspots Exposed"

Guest writer Dave Landry spotlights just five of many areas of the US which could soon see renewed growth in the wake of the global financial crisis.

If you're looking for USA property investing tips then you *need to know* about these 5 hotspots where prices are set to explode!

"There's an incredible amount of American cities that are often disregarded on the international scale in regards to real estate purchasing. When locations are usually mentioned as US real estate hot spots, the same cities are usually listed: Los Angeles, New York City, or Seattle, to name a few."

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"Seeing Property Opportunities with Queensland’s Reform Policies"

Guest writer Bryan Ceguerra examines how recent changes to regulations are set to affect the property market landscape in Australia's Queensland.

"Favourable state laws can reflect on property booms. This especially applies during changes in Parliamentary leadership. When Tony Abbott replaced Kevin Rudd as prime minister, most speculations pointed towards optimism. Existing laws are improved and this gives an opportunity for investors to capitalise on real estate opportunities in Queensland." 

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"Offshore Property Investment: The Pros and Cons"

Did you know that there are two property markets in Guernsey? Jamie Hunts, writing for Guernsey estate agents Livingroom, discusses this in more detail and gives some offshore property investing tips.

"So you are looking to grow, maintain or even begin your own property portfolio. You may already have quite a number of properties in your hometown or across the country, but have never quite taken the steps to invest offshore. Now, as offshore technically means anywhere that isn’t your home country, I shall put a disclaimer here and say I am talking about offshore islands that typically manifest themselves as finance centres; the Channel Islands or British Virgin Islands for example."

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