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Property Investing Tips

Welcome to volume two of our series of property investment articles from UK property industry experts and investors ...

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"Help to Buy: The Case For and The Case Against"

While not specifically a property investor issue, I think it is important to understand this scheme, if only to know how it may affect the property market in general.

In this pair of guest articles by professional mortgage advisor Kevin Hever, he examines the advantages and disadvantages of this new scheme.

"Tenancy Problems in the UK"

Guest writer Sue Ralston examines the tenancy problems that are rife in the UK just now, especially the South East...

"The private rental market in the South East has experienced significant growth over the last few years, mainly due to the lack of affordability for first time buyers to purchase suitable property. Some properties in the South East now cost over a staggering 20 times the average wage." 

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"A DIY Loft Conversion that went Worryingly Smoothly"

This father and son team discover that a DIY loft conversion doesn't have to be a nightmare and can even be a great bonding experience! Guest writer Nick Taylor walks us through their adventure and then covers some key tips to consider if you are thinking about undertaking this sort of project yourself.

"My home has always been a bungalow. Our version of ‘upstairs’ was, until recently, hopping up the two steps from the back patio into the house. Around this time last year, my retired father and I set to work converting our storage loft space into a… well, we didn’t really know what, other than we were ‘doing a loft conversion’."

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"Property Investing Tips From Professional Property Buyers"

Guest writer Drew Davies looks into factors that can give you the edge in your negotiations...

In a property market as segmented and changeable as the UK housing market, potential investors need a keen eye and a sharp instinct to secure the best deal...

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