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Looking for quality BMV property for sale?

Tired of fighting it out against other investors at the estate agent...

Only to end up paying over the odds?

And that's if you even get the deal at all...

No time to go out and beat the streets looking for deals yourself?

I hear you.

Look, I built much of my portfolio myself, but I did much of it full time, and that was before the days of strict compliance requirements for sourcers.

BMV property for sale

And even then, I still bought some of my deals from sourcing agents.

We understand that jumping through those compliance hoops, and negotiating direct with motivated sellers isn't for everyone...

And that's why we created our BMV deals sourcing service.

BMV property for sale: examples...

On this page, we'll take a look at some sample deals that are available at the time of writing...

And if you like what you see, I'll invite you into our private virtual BMV deals showroom so that you can see what we have available right now.

Let's see what's doing...

LEEDS, LS12 -- 2 Bedroom apartment -- 32% BMV

This is your standard bread and butter style BMV deal.

A straightforward two bedroom apartment in Leeds, offered at 32% below market value...

Market value: £100,000

Purchase Price: £68,000

Discount: 32%

Gross Income: £6,900

Yield: 10%

Leeds, LS12 -- 2 Bedroom apartment -- 32% BMVBMV apartment Leeds -- 32% BMV (not pictured)

LLANELLI, WALES -- 6 Bed HMO, 1 Bed Flat & Commercial unit -- 23% BMV

Moving onto something a little less standard now, we have a six bedroom HMO (house in multiple occupation), a one bed flat and commercial unit...

All wrapped up in a tasty, 23% below market value deal.

Here are the figures...

Est. Commercial Market Value: £275,346

Purchase Price: £212,500

Discount: 23%

Est. Rent (PCM): £2,487

Est. Interest Only Mortgage (PCM): £848

Est. NET Profit (PCM): £1,017

Yield: 14%

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE -- 4 x Lease Options -- 3% to 36% BMV

And now, moving into the creative property investing realm, we have a portfolio of four lease options in Newcastle...

Lease options obviously have the advantage of letting you control and profit from property without needing a mortgage...

And with much less down than were you to be purchasing in the traditional manner.

Here are the numbers on this one:

Portfolio Market Value: £285,000 

Portfolio Purchase Price: £232,082 

Term: 13 Years 

Discount: 3% to 36% BMV

Option Deposit (per unit): £2,500-£4,000 

Option Payments (pcm): £382 

Rent (pcm): £1,291 

Gross Profit (pcm): £909

BMV deal Newcastle4 x BMV lease options in Newcastle

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE -- Portfolio Of 13 Properties -- 15% BMV

Finally, and perhaps the most rare type of BMV property for sale...

We have an entire thirteen property portfolio of properties, offered at a 15% discount below market value. 

This represents a great deal, in that it likely took years of hard work for the owner to build up a collection of properties like this...

And you get it with 15% instant equity, built in from day one.

Here are the stats:

Portfolio Est. Market Value: £854,000 

Portfolio Purchase Price: £725,900 

Discount: 15% 

Mixed Portfolio: Houses & Flats 

Annual Rent: £74,640 

Est. Interest Only Mortgage: £13,611

Est. Gross Annual Profit: £61,029 

Ave. Yield: 10%

What next?

Well, hopefully that gives you an idea of what's on offer.

It's unlikely that you'll find such a variety of BMV property for sale anywhere else in the UK.

And now for that invitation...

If you like what you've seen so far, I'd like to invite you to join our exclusive BMV deals email alerts service.

It's completely free to join, and there's zero obligation...

You can even join up, lurk for a bit and watch as the deals come in, and then unsubscribe if you don't think it's for you.

Anyway, pop your email address into the form below and I'll see you on the other side...

And I hope to be serving you soon, and helping you towards your property investing goals.

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