FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

Financial Freedom Through Property

If you're searching for financial freedom through property then you've jumped off the Google merry-go-round at the right place.

My colleague, Peter Jones, has made his eBook: "7 Steps To Financial Freedom Through Buy To Let" available to our readers free of charge for a limited time.

I'll tell you how to get it below (no opt in required either, by the way!). But first, let me tell you a little about Peter, because his story is quite remarkable.

Financial freedom through propertyPeter Jones: £2M portfolio in under 4 years with none of his own money

The 90's recession spells disaster...

All the way back in the 90's, Peter held an enviable role as a partner in a prestigious London firm or surveyors, specialising in commercial property. 

With all the benefits that position bestowed, he thought he was set up for life. But then the recession hit and he was out on his ear quicker than you could say "strategic downsizing".

As has harsh new reality dawned on him, Peter quickly found himself without any nest egg, without a regular paycheque. But more frighteningly, with a wife and a young family to support.

£2 million portfolio in 4 years!?

Rather than sit on his hands or sponge off the state, Peter borrowed some cash from a family member and bought a property to fix up and sell.

That was the first in a string of property "flips" that Peter continues to this day...

But more impressively, Peter amassed a £2 million buy-to-let property portfolio, in 4 short years, with none of his own money!

7 steps to financial freedom through property you can copy...

Peter is adamant that he's not special and that anyone can do what he did. And he's now sharing some of his hard-earned secrets in his new eBook: "7 Steps To Financial Freedom Through Property".

The short ebook is packed to bursting with actionable steps and golden nuggets of property wisdom, that are sure to propel you to success faster than if you had not read this essential manual.

Here's exactly what you'll discover...

  • How to become a property millionaire by "buying the right property".
  • Why most property investors fail, and how you can make sure you are one of the ones who succeeds.
  • How to get into the "top 3%" by setting goals, and how to set the right type of goals.
  • How to choose the correct property strategy to suit your goals.
  • How to save tax by choosing the correct legal entity for your investing (not getting this right from the start could cost you dearly).
  • Why you are doomed to fail if you don't choose the correct area to suit your chosen strategy.
  • The correct way to deal with estate agents, and the number one mistake that will ensure that an agent never calls you again.
  • The truth about "cash buyers": does it really help you get deals?
  • The easiest ways to "add value" to a property
  • The magic ratio you're aiming for when spending money to add value to a property
  • How to refinance and "recycle" your deposit

Download your copy now...

Click the image below for an instant download of the PDF (no opt in required)!

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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