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Find Property Deals: The Secret

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Find Property Deals

If you're looking to find property deals then you'll find some good pointers on this page but once you're done, you'll want to check out our longer article on the subject, here.

In this post, we continue our journey through the Guerrilla Property Manifesto (you'll find the start of this series here) as we ask the question: what exactly is it that makes a property investor successful?

The Real Law Of Attracting Property Deals

Secret #3: The "Real" Law Of Attracting Property Deals

Once upon a time, I used to believe that anyone who got a great deal on a property was somehow “lucky”...

But as soon as I started marketing to motivated sellers and my phone started ringing off the hook, I realised that this just wasn’t the case...

And that’s why Point #3 of my Guerrilla Property Manifesto reads thusly:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor has an abundance mindset. He knows that there are more than enough deals out there for everyone, he just has to find them.”

And I don’t mean abundance in a kind of “woo woo” law of attraction kind of way (which while we’re on the topic is total Bravo Sierra).

No, what I mean is that amazing “deal of the century” type property deals really are very, very common.

You, the investor, just need the right tools to find (and convert) them.

Some such tools are old and rusty, others are new and shiny.  

You can find the new shiny ones here.

don't be a victim

Secret #4: Don't Be A Victim

Way back in 2007, there was a really cool mortgage product (Mortgage Express, you might remember it??) on the market that allowed investors to buy property “no money down”...

It worked like this:

1 - negotiate at least a 25% discount on a property

2 - buy using a Mortgage Express mortgage

3 - remortgage immediately at the full market value and pull your deposit back out (and sometimes a bit more, sometimes a lot more)

Speaking as someone who used this mortgage a lot, it was great. Everyone was making hay while the sun shone and living the high life...

But then the market started to turn and they pulled the product...

Suddenly, everyone was crying into their champagne and bemoaning their loss. I daresay that spelled the end of many a fair-weather investor’s career...

But amidst all this weeping and gnashing of teeth, two colleagues of mine were figuring out a way to allow people to continue buying no money down...

They succeeded and the result was that they were able to keep making hay for themselves and not only that, charge all of the rest of us for the use of their witty new invention...

I learned a valuable lesson through that experience, which eventually became point #4 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor thinks outside the box. When rules and regulations change, he doesn’t cower and whine about it with other lesser “investors”, he sees the situation as an opportunity and quickly figures out a way to capitalise on it.”

So, the question is this: are you going to whine about the current state of the market / government legislation / [insert other excuse here], or are you going to step up and make things happen for yourself?

If the latter, then I have something that you may want to use to your advantage.

Find property deals: more info

If you're looking for more info on how to find property deals, you can check out out longer article on this here, or our awesome course on this, here.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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