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Land Sourcing Websites


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Land sourcing websites

It’s a lesser-used property strategy…

But whether you’re sourcing land for your own projects or passing it on to others for a fee, it can be extremely lucrative…

But, how are you received by sellers when you hit them with an LOA (Lease Option Agreement) or some other kind of creative deal?

Are you welcomed in, or do you struggle to get them on board?

If the latter, a website can be a powerful way of building credibility with your prospects and educating them on the service you provide…

Land sourcing websites help build credibility

Now, in days gone by, a website could cost you thousands for a designer to develop…

And even then; how much does a designer know about property investing? So what are the chances of the site actually delivering the goods?

The good news is that we have just added a specialist Land Sourcing theme into our Guerrilla Property Websites platform.

No expensive designers or complicated tech stuff here — you can get your site up and running today for just a low monthly subscription.

Discover the Guerrilla Property Websites themes and secure your Land Sourcing website here.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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