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Property Development Courses: Net £30,000 in 90 Days?

So you want to be the next Sarah Beenie, do you?

If so, then you want to be looking for the best in property development courses. In this article we’ll look at the “Property Development for Profit” eCourse by Dr. Dennis Coote.

Property development can take many forms: anything from doing a light refurb of a flat to converting a house into flats.  Whatever you do,  you’re always shooting for the end goal of adding value to the property in question.  

When you’re done, you’ll either want to refinance to pull out that extra value, or sell to realise your profit.


If you are interested in becoming a property developer, then naturally you need to look for the best property development courses.   By far the best-value and well-respected of UK property development courses is “Property Development for Profit” by Dr. Dennis Coote. 

Who is this guy?

Property Development CoursesDr Dennis Coote

Dennis is one of the top property experts in the country. He set up his own business -- Heritage Homes -- and bought, renovated and sold over 400 houses in the North West of England.

What is interesting is that he started with no money of his own, just with a loan from a bank! Before too long, and a few houses renovated and sold on, the bank were tripping over themselves to lend him money. However by that time he had build up sufficient money to run the company financially himself.

Net £30,000 in 90 Days?

"When I started my property career, I was nervous. I knew, from my experience of being an Estate Agent, that a fortune could be made from property investment, and in particular, from renovating houses.

But I didn't have enough cash of my own to buy a property or to cover the building costs, so I went cap-in-hand to the local bank manager. He was happy with my detailed costings, and we both made money from my first property!”
- Dr Dennis Coote

This course will arm you with the skills you need to do a buy-to-sell renovation that could net you £30,000 in 90 days! Handling renovation projects, as well as the little problems during the development process will be very easy once you’ve learned the basics from the Dr Coote’s eCourse. 

property development course

Course highlights

So, what can you expect from Dr. Coote’s "Property Development for Profit"?  

  • how to buy houses with no money of your own
  • How to tell if a property is ready for renovation through the ‘Property Proof’ test
  • How to find those HOT properties that will make you a fortune
  • How to recognise the true potential of any house, that will make your income skyrocket
  • How to avoid being duped by estate agents, realtors and sharp sellers!
  • Learn all about the danger signs - know what to avoid like the plague!
  • How to identify the ‘one’ investment that will give you the highest returns 
  • How to avoid overpaying lazy tradesmen
  • Avoid being trapped with a problem property that will cost you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands!
  • Maybe most valuable of all, you’ll get FREE access to support and advice from Dr. Coote himself!

Property Development Courses: Bonuses

Of all the property development courses that I’ve seen, this one has to be the best value… It includes no less than five free bonuses, including "The Art of Negotiation" and "How to Sell your house without an Estate Agent".  Go here for a full run-down on the course.

I’ll give the final word to one of Dr Coote’s students:

“Hi Dennis! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Having bought and read your course I have already avoided TWO potentially costly expenses from the things I learnt from the course. This is indeed a very good investment!”
- Louis Jalaba - United Kingdom

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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