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Much more than a property investing course, Deals On Demand is a property investing system with 3 vital elements...

I'll talk more about Deals On Demand in a moment but I appreciate that the chances are that you don't know me from Adam...

So let's kick things off with a few choice words from one of our students; Ollie Stapleton had this to say...

"...what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three day course..."

"Anyway just some feedback for you as well - I went on the [competitor name removed] training course in the London Hilton last year and what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three Day course.

I understand it’s all about getting people to buy further bits which is fine but they were too much in your face with it and if you weren’t interested in the £20k course they weren’t interested in you. I’ve found your softer approach far more superior and I think you will be a far greater success in all of this."

Property investing course or deal acquisition and conversion system?

Deals on Demand is the culmination of nearly 15 years of property experience and research, distilled into a completely unique, transformational program that combines advanced technology, psychology and marketing to give you the most devastatingly effective deal acquisition and conversion system ever devised.

Those are pretty big words, I know but I think that once I've walked you through the three core components of Deals On Demand, you'll realise that DoD is rather more than just a property investing course...

Step #1: Digitally Augmented Prospecting

It's broadly accepted by experienced property investors that offline "guerrilla" style marketing is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to reach motivated sellers.

And they're right. And, yes, we teach you that too (in the Guerrilla Property Marketing segment of the program).

But we've found that once you start talking to sellers or visiting them in their homes that they will want some comfort that your business is legitimate.

Specifically, these days people want to see your website...

I mean, think about it -- would you do business with someone who didn't have a website? More and more, anyone who doesn't have a website is regarded as being a bit "fly by night" to say the least.

I found this out the hard way once when I visited a seller and was asked about my website. 

It was pretty embarrassing when I had to answer that I didn't have one.

Needless to say, I did not get that deal and had to leave with my tail firmly between my legs.

However, on the flip-side, we've found that having a website instantly elevates you to expert status. It's a bit like having a best-selling book to your name.

Do you think this might be especially useful if you're new to the property investing game?

You betcha it will.

"Hack" your authority and become the go-to local property expert

Deals On Demand solves this problem by giving you a beautiful looking mobile ready website that you can easily customise to your own brand and area.

(Don't worry about tech stuff -- we've made it so that if you can use a word processor then you'll find this a breeze.)

More than just looking pretty, it's designed to convert visitors into prospects too so that people will be compelled to contact you and request an offer on their property.

Guerrilla Property Websites demo website

Even if all you ever do is put your website on your business card, you're going to see a shift in how you're perceived in terms of professionalism and authority.

Step #2: The Automatic Negotiation Method

The next block that new investors -- and even some more experienced ones -- come up against is speaking with sellers...

Whether you're doing that on the phone or in person, many people struggle to know what you should say and when you should say it.

I certainly did -- I'd sometimes get to a point in the conversation and my mind would go blank and I'd just run out of words. Not great if you're trying to make a property deal.

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say and this spurred me to develop a framework for my calls and then for my my entire negotiations.

The "Automatic Negotiation Method" Telephone Scripts

I distilled this into two phone calls and two scripts that would be used on the calls.

These telephone scripts are loaded with powerful psychological triggers and language patterns that help you to build rapport with your prospect, whilst positioning you as the solution to their problem.

The scripts became known as the "Automatic Negotiation Method" because it's almost like they do the negotiation for you.

Step #3 - The Strategy Selector Machine

The next problem that I addressed was strategy selection. 

There was a time when I attempted to figure out what to do with each deal by literally scribbling numbers on the back of an envelope.

When you're in the business of buying people's properties fast, doing things this way takes too long and can be a bit unreliable, especially if, like me, arithmetic is not your strong point!

The "Strategy Selector Machine" Spreadsheet

So, I aimed to remove the guesswork from the process by developing a spreadsheet that would help decide what to do with each deal, based on certain parameters.

This spreadsheet has the great benefits of reducing the time needed to analyse a deal so that you can get more done and also it boosted my confidence greatly, knowing that I was less likely to make a silly mistake in my calculations.

Want to know more?

If you're still reading, chances are I've convinced you that Deals On Demand is way more than a simple property investing course and more of a system that you can implement and use in your property business to make a real impact on your bottom line.

Of course, there are all the things you'd expect in an online property investing course too, like all the video trainings, manuals, templates, documents and downloads.

There's even an exclusive, private Facebook group where you can interact with myself and other students to get your questions answered, make connections and even potentially do deals.

You can find out more about Deals On Demand here.

Hope to see you in there!

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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