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Real Estate Investing Podcast

Note: Rick is no longer running this podcast. Why not check out our free property course instead?

Looking for a real estate investing podcast to keep you in touch with all things real estate and property?

Rick Otton's property podcast has got to be the best out there... And don't worry if you're new to property or real estate investing -- the early episodes start off gently!

If you're in a rush, you can find the real estate investor podcast here -- just click on the podcast banner on the right of the home page.

While you're on there, I recommend you download Rick's "Big Property Lie" report... it's a real eye-opener!

Who the %*&^ is Rick Otton?

Rick Otton is the godfather of creative real estate investing. He started buying houses in Dallas in the USA during the banking crisis in the early nineties. He formulated techniques that allowed him to buy houses without banks.

He has now perfected these techniques in the US, Australia and the UK and teaches them all over the world.

What about the property podcast?

Rick is not your typical property guru. He definitely walks the walk but he will keep you engaged all the way through the property podcast with his sharp observations and humour.

This real estate investor podcast starts off by introducing the concepts of what makes a property bargain... Most people think of a bargain property as one with a price discount. But Rick explains that a bargain can also be made by the terms of a deal.

For beginners and advanced property people alike

The podcast never gets too technical but it does introduce some concepts that will blow some experienced property investors' minds! For this reason, you may be at an advantage if you are new to the game...

Real Estate Investor Podcast - Summary

Just go to Rick's site and click on the orange podcast banner on the right hand side. Before you do that though, I recommend you take a minute to explore his site and the great free resources on there.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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