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Rent To Rent Course (and Website)

If there was ever a rent to rent course worth your attention, we think it's this one...

It's not an over-priced, under-delivering affair like some that you may have seen before.

No, "Rent to Rent Deal Generator" is a bit different...

And in this post, we'll take a look at why.

Rent to rent courseRent to rent deal generator: a system for finding and converting R2R deals

What is R2R deal generator?

Rent to rent deal generator is a course and system constructed with the singular goal of allowing the aspiring rent to rent investor to find and convert rent to rent deals.

The course centres around an in-depth video training from a rent to rent expert, about how to find rent to rent deals.

First, the student is led through a bit of groundwork to ensure that they've selected an appropriate area to invest in.

Next, we're shown a series of tips and techniques that can allow even the newbie investor to spot potential deals, that others cannot see.

The deal conversion system...

The next component of the R2R deal generator is going to help you if you're not sure what to say to agents or landlords, to get the deal.

You get a collection of short but powerful scripts that you can use when speaking to agents or landlords, that will pique their interest in the service you are offering.

These scripts will enable you to test the water in a very credible way, and know immediately if it's worth proceeding...

Or whether you should cut your losses and move on to the next prospect.

The deal negotiation system...

The next component of the system is a powerful spreadsheet that you can use in real time to work out exactly what to offer a landlord in monthly rent.

Note that this will normally be a below market value offer...

This unique sheet guides you through a series of questions, which when asked to a landlord in order:

  • Helps them to understand the value of your service.
  • Helps them to understand why you are offering the figure that you'll offer them.
  • Makes them far more likely to accept your lowball offer, than if you were to come at them cold.

The credibility system...

Something that rent to rent investors -- especially newbies -- struggle with is credibility.

You walk into a letting agency and all the agent has to do to expose you as the chancer you are, is ask you for your website address.

Most don't have one.

But with Rent to Rent Deal Generator, you get a specialist rent to rent website for your business.

There are two great looking themes that you can choose from...

All you have to do is do a little bit of customisation (easy to do for non-techies), and you're good to go.

Do you think having a professional web presence might set you apart from your competitors?

And never again will you have to worry about being asked that website question!

Want to check out this rent to rent course?

I hope I've at least whet your appetite to know a little more about this value packed course.

There are a bunch of bonuses that I've not even mentioned here, but you can hop on over and check out exactly what's on offer here.

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