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Tenant Buyer Websites


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Tenant buyer websites

So you’ve scored a great LOA and you’re planning to sell it on with a Lease Option…

You’ve got your marketing running and you’re getting viewings… People seem interested but you’re struggling to get people to commit…

I get it — it’s hard to convince people that Rent to Buy is legit, especially as it’s still a relatively new concept in the UK…

A website can be a powerful way of building credibility with your prospects and educating them on the service you provide…

Tenant buyer websites help build credibility

It’s even a way to gather Tenant Buyer leads and to showcase your Rent to Buy homes to potential buyers…

Now, in days gone by, a website could cost you thousands for a designer to develop…

And even then; how much does a designer know about property investing? So what are the chances of the site actually delivering the goods?

The good news is that we have just added a specialist Tenant Buyer theme into our Guerrilla Property Websites platform.

No expensive designers or complicated tech stuff here — you can get your site up and running today for just a low monthly subscription.

Discover the Guerrilla Property Websites themes and secure your Tenant Buyer website here.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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