10 Secrets To Massive Property Investing Success

[The Guerrilla Property Manifesto]

What is it that makes a property investor successful?

This is a question that -- if you want to be successful in property yourself -- you should really want to know the answer to.

I mean, not everybody that gets into property is successful, are they? An interest in the topic does not guarantee any level of success...

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This is easily borne out by visiting your local property networking event a few times. You’ll soon notice who the movers and shakers are. And who the strugglers are.

For that reason, over the next short while I want to introduce you to a little invention of mine: “The Guerrilla Property Manifesto”...

The Manifesto is a set of 10 points (it was 9 but I just added a new one!) that I came up with when I asked myself the question: “what is it that makes a property investor successful?”.

In order to answer it, I drew on my own 15 year property career and the observations I made along the way.

I have no doubt that I’ve forgotten something (or things) from the list, in fact I think I already just thought of one whilst writing this email...

So at the end, I want to invite you to let me know in the comments if there are any things that you think are essential to the success of an investor...

Anyway, the point is really to get you thinking about what it takes to succeed in this property game and if you’re not currently succeeding, help you to figure out what you’re missing.

And talking about succeeding in property, I just made a brand new video about the anatomy of a successful property business (be that sourcing, holding or flipping).

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Secret #1: Abnormal Results Upset Normal People


George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

In his classic book “The Richest Man In Babylon”, George S. Claston argued that you should “pay yourself first” and save the first 10% of everything you earn.

So, before you pay the taxman, pay any bills or spend anything, you need to take a tenth and put it aside to build wealth for yourself and your family...

I argue that you should do the same with your time.

So before you give your time to an employer, your friends, the TV or Facebook, you should “pay yourself first” by spending time on your mission.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly 10% of your time and it doesn’t necessarily  have to be early in the day before you spend time doing anything else (although that’s an excellent way to do it)...

My point is that you need to put your property mission first in order to succeed.

That means learning to say “no” to people and activities that sap your time.

And yes, that will mean sometimes upsetting people. And when you start getting results, that will upset people too. Because abnormal results upset normal people.

I have learned that you must sacrifice something in order to get to your dream.

You can’t be unusually successful *and* keep up on all the blogs, all the activity on Facebook, all the group chats and all the social events.

Something has to give.

And that brings me to point #1 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor is on a mission. Family, friends and colleagues may try to discourage or even mock him (or her) but he ploughs through, making his mission a priority.”

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Secret #2: Make Your Money When You Buy, Not Sell

I got this dead wrong when I started investing in 2003...

I bought a few buy-to-lets at market value -- maybe even a little more in some cases -- and then ran out of money...

As it turned out, the market was good to me as it was rising like crazy at the time and I was able to refinance and pull out more cash to keep going in no time...

But that’s another story for another day and doesn’t remove the fact that what I did was dead wrong...

I *should have* been looking to create value -- i.e. equity discounts -- at the time of purchase. We’ve all heard the mantra: in property you need to make your money when you buy, not when you sell. (If you haven’t, then you’ve heard it now.)

And this brings us to Guerrilla Property Manifesto point #2...

“The Guerrilla Property Investor is a value investor. (S)he seeks to create (usually off-market) deals that have value built into them: either in terms of discount, high-cash flow, or both.”

And how do you do that?

You must deal only -- and I repeat *only* -- with motivated sellers.


Because motivated sellers need to sell (as opposed to “would like” to sell) and this means that they value things like: speed, assurance, discretion, support etc higher than monetary price.

This can be hard to get one’s head round to begin with but once you do, it really is the “rosetta stone” when it comes to creating a successful and profitable property business...

And speaking of which, if you want to know how I can help you with that, check out the video at the other end of the link below:


Secret #3: The "Real" Law Of Attracting Property Deals

Once upon a time, I used to believe that anyone who got a great deal on a property was somehow “lucky”...

But as soon as I started marketing to motivated sellers and my phone started ringing off the hook, I realised that this just wasn’t the case...

And that’s why Point #3 of my Guerrilla Property Manifesto reads thusly:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor has an abundance mindset. He knows that there are more than enough deals out there for everyone, he just has to find them.”

And I don’t mean abundance in a kind of “woo woo” law of attraction kind of way (which while we’re on the topic is total Bravo Sierra).

No, what I mean is that amazing “deal of the century” type property deals really are very, very common.

You, the investor, just need the right tools to find (and convert) them.

Some such tools are old and rusty, others are new and shiny.  

You can find the new shiny ones here:


Secret #4: Don't Be A Victim

Way back in 2007, there was a really cool mortgage product (Mortgage Express, you might remember it??) on the market that allowed investors to buy property “no money down”...

It worked like this:

1 - negotiate at least a 25% discount on a property

2 - buy using a Mortgage Express mortgage

3 - remortgage immediately at the full market value and pull your deposit back out (and sometimes a bit more, sometimes a lot more)

Speaking as someone who used this mortgage a lot, it was great. Everyone was making hay while the sun shone and living the high life...

But then the market started to turn and they pulled the product...

Suddenly, everyone was crying into their champagne and bemoaning their loss. I daresay that spelled the end of many a fair-weather investor’s career...

But amidst all this weeping and gnashing of teeth, two colleagues of mine were figuring out a way to allow people to continue buying no money down...

They succeeded and the result was that they were able to keep making hay for themselves and not only that, charge all of the rest of us for the use of their witty new invention...

I learned a valuable lesson through that experience, which eventually became point #4 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor thinks outside the box. When rules and regulations change, he doesn’t cower and whine about it with other lesser “investors”, he sees the situation as an opportunity and quickly figures out a way to capitalise on it.”

So, the question is this: are you going to whine about the current state of the market / government legislation / [insert other excuse here], or are you going to step up and make things happen for yourself?

If the latter, then I have something that you may want to use to your advantage:


Secret #5: Have Multiple Streams Of Property Income

I’ll be honest... some time ago, one of my long-time, regular sources of income disappeared almost overnight...

Now, while this was annoying and certainly not ideal, I had spent years structuring my business in a way that meant that it would not be vulnerable to events like this...

I had established “multiple streams of income” in my business...

Because I did that, the income source that disappeared only represented a fraction of my total income, so it didn’t have too much overall effect and I had plenty time to replace that income with another source...

In short, I was glad to have followed point #5 of our Guerrilla Property Manifesto:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor cultivates multiple streams of income. He knows that by doing this, if something changes and an income stream disappears, he’ll be just fine.”

Portfolio investing (where you have a number of rental units: be they HMO, SA or single lets) is by its nature a multiple streams of income model, but even within that, there are ways to develop other streams of income...

For example, I once heard of a cafe or catering business that started a brand new business using their used tea bags to create something else that they could sell... I can’t remember what it was they did with them but that’s not the point. The point was that they were monetising something that they would normally have thrown away.

The same concept can be applied to property investing where motivated seller leads are concerned. If someone calls you and for whatever reason, you’re not able to structure a deal to buy their property, then the story shouldn’t just stop there...

You should still have a number of methods at your fingertips for helping that seller solve their problem... and as a result, to monetise that lead...

In our flagship program, we suggest a bunch of creative ways to monetise every single lead in your property business, even if it doesn’t become a deal...

That’s just a fringe benefit though... the main focus of the program -- for those who are successful in applying -- is to build you a machine to generate motivated seller leads and to show you how to easily convert those leads into deals...

More details of that here:


Secret #6: Diversify Your Property Business

We’ve all heard the proverb about not putting all your eggs in one basket, that is: diversify your interests in order to spread your risk...


And that's what point #6 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto is all about:


"The Guerrilla Property Investor is diversified. He has an entrepreneur’s mindset and considers all excellent investment and business opportunities, even if they are not strictly property-related."


So, in property, you can diversify across strategies:


For example, if you’re into flipping houses then build up a rental portfolio on the side just in case the bottom falls out of the resale market.


And/or you can diversify across geographical locations:


If you’re into HMO in a university town then you could start a serviced accommodation portfolio in a nearby seaside town.


Later on in your career, I would even argue for diversification across asset classes by adding things like precious metals, crypto currencies and businesses...


But that comes later. For now, I suggest that smart investors start off by diversifying within your property business model...


For example, the business model we teach in Deals on Demand is diversified across 3 simple core strategies (we even have a tool to help you decide which one to use in any given situation)...


More info on DoD right here:


Secret #7: Keep Your Property Business On The Cutting Edge

"The Guerrilla Property Investor is on the cutting edge. He continually works on his education with quality books and courses in his chosen fields." -- Point #6 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto


How do the best property investors stay on top of their game?


Here are 4 ways they do it that you can model in your own business:


Read books and magazines — some of the best info can be found by reading books. This method is pretty inexpensive: it’s hard to begrudge spending £5 on a monthly magazine that will keep on top of industry trends.


Use technology — using technology in your business can help give you that vital edge on the competition. Apps, software and the right spreadsheets can help you find and analyse deals and track your business metrics.


Associate with more experienced and successful investors — as the late great Jim Rhon always said, you are the average of the five people you spend most time with.


Leverage the expertise of others — where possible, leverage the expertise and systems of others who have tread the path before you.


We can help you with the last one... for those that qualify, we can build out your entire online marketing operation for you. Follow the link below for the low-down...


Secret #8: Get An Infinite Return On Your Property Investments

Did you know that the return you receive on money you invest that is not your own is *infinite*?

Let’s be clear -- I don’t mean you get infinite amounts of money, but an infinite return on investment...

This is probably best explained with an example:

Let’s say you invest £10,000 in a deal and you get £1,000 back. To get your return on investment, we divide £1,000 by £10,000 and we get 10%...

However, if you haven’t invested any of your own money in this deal and the return is the same, then what you’d do is divide your £1,000 by £0...

And since anything divided by 0 is infinity%, voila, your ROI is infinity!

This brings us nicely to Point #8 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor never lets lack of funds hold him back. He knows that the return on money that is not his own is infinite and knows how to get hold of it. He also knows strategies to invest without it.”

While there are a few strategies that require *little* funds (rent to rent, deal packaging, options, to name a few), the one true way of putting zero of your own funds into a property deal is by finding a joint venture partner to fund it.

The thing about JVs though is that if you’re not bringing cashola to the table then you have to be bringing the deals...

And the best way, in my humble opinion, to get a steady stream of deals rolling in is by letting me help you, more info on which can be found at the link below:


Secret #9: Doing Deals Is *Not*  Your Top Priority

“The Guerrilla Property Investor operates within the confines of the law and has the highest ethical standards. Ethics can generate you referrals.” -- Guerrilla Property Manifesto, Point #9

It goes without saying that we as property investors should operate with the highest ethical standards...

But wouldn’t it be great to know that doing so could actually get us more business?

Now we all know that dealing with motivated sellers is one of the best ways to find highly discounted property (these people value things like speed, confidentiality and security above price).

But these sellers are often vulnerable: they may have debt issues or may just have experienced a divorce or bereavement.

And for that reason, we shouldn’t be going in there with a “do a deal at all costs” mentality...

Instead, we should go in with a “solve the seller’s problem” mentality...

So for example, if the seller is in financial difficulty and you spot that they have a really high interest rate on their mortgage then (assuming they would prefer to stay in their home), the right thing to do is *not* to buy their property...

Instead, you should advise them to see if they can get a better rate with their lender or offer to refer them to a mortgage advisor who can search the whole market for them.

If those options don’t work then you can talk about buying their property...

If you operate like this, then your reputation in the area will soon spread and you’ll end up getting referrals from people who’s problems you solved as well as those whose houses you bought.

You’ll also sleep better at night.

If you don’t currently have a system that can generate motivated seller leads at will, then take a look at the video I made for you here:


Secret #10: Have A Focus That Can Cut Steel

“The Guerrilla Property Investor has a focus that can cut steel. He does not get distracted by ‘shiny objects’ and carries his projects through to completion in record time.” -- Guerrilla Property Manifesto, Point #10

When I first started in property in 2003, I was on all the right forums, I read the right magazines and I went to the right networking events...

But I just couldn’t seem to make any headway...


Well one of the reasons was that I would jump from shiny object to shiny object: one minute I’d be looking at buy-to-let, the next minute I’d be into buying off-plan (a very popular strategy back then) ad the next minute I’d be into flipping.

I never stuck with one thing for long enough to allow myself to be successful...

But when I finally found my groove, my business went stratospheric...

I found something that worked and I stuck with it...

What worked?

Marketing for motivated sellers and then holding / packaging / flipping the deals that were generated...

It might not be super-sexy by the standards of some of the highfalutin strategies being peddled by some of the gurus these days...

But it’s proven, it works and it’s the bread and butter of some of the most successful property investors out there...

And if you want to take a peek at how we can streamline and automate this process for you, check out the video below:



So that’s a wrap for the Guerrilla Property Manifesto...

In this post, we’ve seen how:

  • The Guerrilla Property Investor is on a mission
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor makes his money when he buys, not when he sells
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor has an abundance mindset
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor thinks outside the box
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor cultivates multiple streams of income
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor is diversified
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor is on the cutting edge
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor never lets lack of funds hold him back
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor has the highest ethical standards
  • The Guerrilla Property Investor has a focus that can cut steel

I guess the question now is: what are you going to do with this advice?

Are you going to say that’s all very well John and continue doing what you’re doing and accepting mediocre results...

Or are you going to step up and take action and make it happen for yourself?

If the latter, then watch this video to see how I can help:


How to Invest in Property Without Deposits or Mortgages

Comments: Let me know what you think!

Your Host, John Wilson -Investing In Property Since 2003

How to Invest in Property Without Deposits or Mortgages

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