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Conveyancing Price Comparison

Use our easy online Conveyancing Price Comparison tool to get instant quotes and customer feedback for solicitors in your area. Buying, selling or both, all over the UK. (If you're looking to do a more creative deal like a lease option then we can refer you to the right solicitor here.)

  • Simply click the service you require
  • Fill in the quick form and click Submit
  • Compare your instant quotes: check feedback, company info and price breakdown
  • Instruct the best quote by clicking on the relevant Instruct link.

(More detailed instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Which service do you require? >>

Conveyancing price comparison tool help

Service selection

These are the options in the table above. It is important that you select the correct one in order to get the right quote!

  • If you are simply buying a property (and not selling one) then click Purchase Conveyancing in the table above
  • If you are simply selling a property (and not buying one) then click Sale Conveyancing
  • If you are selling a property and buying one in the same transaction then click Sale & Purchase Conveyancing
  • If you need a conveyancer to handle a re-mortgage transaction then click Re-Mortgage Comparison

Quote form

When you click the service you require, a form will appear. Just fill it in as accurately as you can and click submit.

Results list

When the results list appears, you will see a list of solicitors and their quotes.

The list shows two costs:

  • Conveyancing costs -- this covers the actual conveyancing work that the solicitor will do for you
  • Disbursement costs -- this covers the standard land registry fees and searches that are standard in every property transaction of that type.

You can click on the following links against each solicitor to get more information:

  • Feedback -- gives you feedback from customers who have used this firm previously
  • Info -- gives a brief information profile about the solicitor
  • View -- shows a detailed breakdown of the prices stated and full information about what is included. It also tells you about your stamp duty liability, if any.

Instruct solicitor

To instruct a solicitor, you just click on the Instruct link against that solicitor. You will then be presented with a form that you need to fill out to complete your instruction.

Your chosen solicitor will contact you promptly after you submit the form.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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