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Finding the right UK property lawyer is so important. The number of property deals that fall apart because of under-performing solicitors is frightening!

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Don't let a solicitor kill your deal!

UK Property Lawyer

The above is even more true when using creative strategies like lease options. These are comparatively new to solicitors dealing in residential property.

Since the dark ages, solicitors have been taught that there is one way and only one way to buy and sell property. This means that when confronted with property options, most solicitors blow a fuse!

It is a sad fact that if a solicitor doesn't understand something, they will far rather tell their client that it is illegal than make the effort to learn about it.

I have had several deals blown out of the water this way and I know others that have too. Some kill deals straight off the bat but some will torture you first by dragging the deal out for months and months so that it dies of old age... and still charge you for the privilege!

Guidelines for finding the best property lawyers

So, follow these guidelines to stop your deal coming apart at the seams...

  • go on recommendation to find a solicitor who is well versed in lease options (they will be able to suggest a solicitor that they are able to work with for the other side of the transaction).
  • require that the other parties in the transaction -- the seller and/or buyer -- use one of your recommended solicitors. If they are truly motivated, then this will normally not be a problem. If there is enough money in the deal, you can offer to pay their legals as a carrot if they are hesitant.
  • always get a fixed price from your solicitor up front. This will discourage them from spinning the transaction out and remove the possibility of a nasty surprise when the bill comes in.

Fixed price evictions and debt recovery

If you need to evict a tenant or to recover some rent arrears then you're best advised to find a UK property lawyer that offers a fixed price service. Otherwise you can find yourself running up a huge bill.

UK Property Lawyer - Summary

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Solicitors are regulated by the Law Societies of England and Wales and of Scotland.

FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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