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Property Investment Return: How Does Infinite Suit You?

[The Guerrilla Property Manifesto: Secrets 7 & 8]

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It doesn't get much better than an infinite property investment return and joint ventures are the way to get it. Joint ventures are secret #8 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto.

In this post, we continue our journey through the Guerrilla Property Manifesto (you'll find the start of this series here) as we ask the question: what exactly is it that makes a property investor successful?

Secret #7: Keep Your Property Business On The Cutting Edge

Keep Your Property Business On The Cutting Edge

"The Guerrilla Property Investor is on the cutting edge. He continually works on his education with quality books and courses in his chosen fields." -- Point #6 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto


How do the best property investors stay on top of their game?


Here are 4 ways they do it that you can model in your own business:


Read books and magazines — some of the best info can be found by reading books. This method is pretty inexpensive: it’s hard to begrudge spending £5 on a monthly magazine that will keep on top of industry trends.


Use technology — using technology in your business can help give you that vital edge on the competition. Apps, software and the right spreadsheets can help you find and analyse deals and track your business metrics.


Associate with more experienced and successful investors — as the late great Jim Rhon always said, you are the average of the five people you spend most time with.


Leverage the expertise of others — where possible, leverage the expertise and systems of others who have tread the path before you.


We can help you with the last one... you can leverage some of our systems if you like. Follow this link for the low-down...

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Secret #8: Get An Infinite Property Investment Return

Did you know that the return you receive on money you invest that is not your own is *infinite*?

Let’s be clear -- I don’t mean you get infinite amounts of money, but an infinite return on investment...

This is probably best explained with an example:

Let’s say you invest £10,000 in a deal and you get £1,000 back. To get your return on investment, we divide £1,000 by £10,000 and we get 10%...

However, if you haven’t invested any of your own money in this deal and the return is the same, then what you’d do is divide your £1,000 by £0...

And since anything divided by 0 is infinity%, voila, your ROI is infinity!

This brings us nicely to Point #8 of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto:

“The Guerrilla Property Investor never lets lack of funds hold him back. He knows that the return on money that is not his own is infinite and knows how to get hold of it. He also knows strategies to invest without it.”

While there are a few strategies that require *little* funds (rent to rent, deal packaging, options, to name a few), the one true way of putting zero of your own funds into a property deal is by finding a joint venture partner to fund it.

The thing about JVs though is that if you’re not bringing cashola to the table then you have to be bringing the deals...

And the best way, in my humble opinion, to get a steady stream of deals rolling in is by leveraging the experience of others, more info on which can be found right here.

What's next?

You can go back to the start of the Guerrilla Property Manifesto here or on to secrets 9 & 10 here.

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FREE Book Reveals How To Invest In Property Without Deposits Or Mortgages

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